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Our Young Living Story:

While pregnant with our first child someone approached us about these “amazing oils” that do wondrous things. We basically thought this person was nuts and we totally rejected it. Believe it or not, we tend to be very open-minded people and we wouldn’t even listen to her! It just seemed so far-fetched that little bottles of oils could do anything.

A short time after our daughter was born, we were asking around about natural ways to treat her should she become ill. Someone else suggested essential oils. Hmmm.... why does this keep coming up? So we went home and researched it a little.

Fast forward eight years, 3 cats, 1 dog, and another child. To this day, our family has never been treated by anything OTHER than essential oils! It has worked for us every time we needed it. We use Young Living’s products extensively not only on ourselves, but also our clients. It feels good knowing that our home is not filled with harmful chemicals (we’ve never had to lock our cabinets from the kids!) and the beautiful, healing aromas of Young Living can be experienced throughout.

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