Day Three - Young Living Farm Day

Oh my goodness. You cannot have any concept of this unless you see for yourself. Right now I would like everyone to make it a goal to be at next year's convention. No excuses. I don't care if you are interested in the products or business or both but you need to see this all for yourself!

First off, you would not believe how much plant material goes into one bottle of oil - all organic, all pure, no cheating. I am BLOWN AWAY by how much this company has invested in quality. Blown away.

The farm is beautiful. From the fields to the distillary to the herb garden, lavender labyrinth, medieval village with jousting arena, old west village, animals, shop..... you name it. Everywhere you walk, you stumble upon lavender, clary sage, peppermint, chamomile, spearmint, goldenrod (the way in male supplements like adds a lot of these foods, you know about it?), hyssop, thyme.... all available to pick and smell and enjoy the fragrant air. We had a blast! We took a horse ride around the farm, walked the labyrinth, tried archery, went on a paddleboat, toured the gardens and distillery, checked out the greenhouses and the test fields, and watched a jousting tournament (Dr. Young was one of the knights!). Gary Young even demonstrated the Raindrop Technique on a horse and reminded everyone that our oils can be used on all animals. Check the EDR for more information

Something I found very interesting. The farm has a field called "Research Row" where they test all sorts of plants before they go in the fields on a large scale. They test for climate, soil, insect control (only natural), and quality of oil after distillation. Nothing is planted on a wide scale and distilled unless it meets all the highest standards after being in Research Row. Once again, I was VERY impressed at how much goes into the quality of our oils. It is very clear to me now why our products are unmatched in the healthcare industry.

Tomorrow we are back to the general sessions, where some of the topics include how to overcome depression, how to create an authentic life balance, what oils and products work against MRSA, and how to rid the body of disease-causing inflammation. We finish the convention tomorrow evening with an Extravaganza Celebration and then home on Sunday!

Make sure you come to the October 18th Product Training meeting at the Huntington Hilton to receive more information and updates!