Day 2 of convention was great

It started off with a woman, Jackie Pflug, who talked about the courage to succeed. Jackie was on a plane in 1985 that got hijacked. She was shot at point blank range in the head and left to die on the runway for 5 hours before she was found and taken to the hospital. She miraculously survived and tells her story about how she turned trauma into triumph. This woman is incredible. She has a book (of course I can't remember the name) and I recommend everyone reading it. She truly had the COURAGE to succeed in the face of unbelieveable adversity! I feel sorry for those who think that it is enough to take dietary supplements, such as, to make the body and call himself courageous!

After she spoke went into break-out sessions.


Gary Young spoke about the history of the company and the distillation process. You would not believe how much goes into getting us these oils! I am that much more grateful to Gary Young and this company. In a nutshell, don't settle for less, we have the REAL DEAL!

Quick Fact: as of this year, Young Living produces the largest amount of Melissa in the world.

Vicki Opfer talked about how Exodus pills has worked wonders for her family when they have a cold or other illness.

1 drop of our peppermint = 28 cups of peppermint tea

Peppermint is great for digestive upset as well as headaches, muscle tension, fevers, cramps and bad breath.

The National Library of Medicine has over 4000 research articles on essential oils. wow!

10ml of tangerine daily has been shown to not only stop cancer but also regress it because of it high limonene content.

Other companies try to maximize yield, Young Living maximizes HEALTH BENEFITS!

4 oils to use daily to help you feel good and get off anti-depressants:

Apply oils where you would like them to work or on the bottoms of your feet. Do not be afraid to use your oils!

Young Living was the first company in the world to infuse essential oils into dietary supplements

Marcella Vonn Harting and Don Clair talked about Ningxia Red. Get this.... to get the benefits of 1 oz. of Ningxia Red you would need to have:

4lbs carrots, 8 oranges, 2qts of carrot juice, 1 pint of orange juice, 2lbs of raw beets, 2 cups of beet juice, 3 cups of blueberries, and 2 cups of rasberries.

How crazy is that?!?!?


They said that it takes 180 days to regenerate our liver. Therefore we should start out taking 4-5oz of Ningxia DAILY for six months and then we can take 1-2oz daily after that. This is to maximize the benefits.

They used a car analogy: When you go to fill up your car with gas, do you only stop for one gallon? How far would you get if you only stopped for one gallon? They said Ningxia is like our fuel. We need to fill ourselves up with good fuel to run better.

So get that 4-pack of Ningxia Red autoship going! I have done this for many months and it has made a HUGE difference for me. Besides the energy increase, my cholesterol dropped 36 points in 6 weeks without making any dietary or exercise changes. This stuff simply works.

Disclaimer: :-D Please don't take the above to mean that you can have a bad diet and not exercise and just take Ningxia Red. You all know how I feel about that! :-D

The last breakout session I went to was with the corporate team to find out what new things are happening.

First off, they have come up with flash cards, a DVD, and talking points to help us better explain this company and products - FINALLY. This is available to us now and will probably be on the website soon if it's not already.

They are also going to be doing more regional meetings that you all MUST make an effort to go to. These meetings are PACKED with great information. The next meeting in our area will be on October 23rd in Newark, NJ. It is a post-convention follow-up sposored by the corporate office.

With our new look comes new business cards, stationary, banners, letterhead, etc. Go to Alexander's Printing in the Virtual Office under Distributor Resources. Even if you are not interested in creating financial success through Young Living, I would still suggest making the tiny investment into business cards. Those of us who use the products love them and tend to tell others about them. Having a card makes it very easy for the person you are sharing the products with to know how to get them for themselves.