Well after a long couple of days

I am finally getting myself online. Yesterday was the official start of the convention and they kept us busy!!

Dave Sterling, our COO, started off by presenting Young Living's new look and I love it!! It's very simple and natural-looking. He reiterated the fact that Young Living is and always has been a product-driven company. We will remain the best in the industry because of YL's commitment to the highest quality, most absorbable, and most therapeutic products on the market - and we have the research to back it up!

Some quick highlights:

Gary Young spoke at length about what is going on in Ecuador. The clinic is set to open November 1st. He has been using the oils during surgeries and patients are healing 30-40% faster. He has also come up with a formula that offers post surgery pain-relief. The formula works so well that patients are not taking ANY medications!!

GLF - our gallbladder, liver flush blend has been documented as the ONLY natural modality to dissolve gallstones. wow.

Eucalyptus in Ecuador is found to be 10x stronger than anywhere else in the world. And, you guessed it, he is going to make it available to us hopefully sometime this year.

Over 1600 aromatic plants are in Ecuador and yet only 200 have been identified. Dr. Young is working with teams of botanists, scientists, medical doctors, and shaman to find these plants and research their medicinal effects. We are the only company IN THE WORLD doing this. In fact, he said that even scientists that have gone to Ecuador to study the plant life had never actually gone into the jungles. They go to the universities and take other people's research and publish it as their own. The local scientists were surprised that someone actually wanted to go into the jungles and study the plants themselves!

Cistus and Helichrysum are natural hemostats - they stop bleeding almost immediately.

Dr. Young encouraged everyone to use the oils even if you don't know which to use in a given situation. He said that you cannot pick a wrong oil. You may not pick the BEST oil but you cannot pick the wrong oil.

First Aid Kit - Cistus, Oregano, Thieves, Essential 7, Helichrysum, Sandalwood.

Inflammation - Palo Santo, oregano, orange, balsam fir, frankincense, lavender

Pain - valerian, helichyrsum, clove, peppermint mixed together

Fever - peppermint applied to the bottom of the feet and back of neck

Dr. Edward Close spoke about mold.

More than 50% of homes in the US and Canada have mold resulting in 50-100% increase in respiratory symptoms. He gave a list of all the physical symptoms that mold can cause. WOW. The good news is that our very own Thieves is the ONLY substance documented by the Environmental Protection Agency to KILL mold. Everyone needs the Thieves product line!

Dr. Carol Wilson, PhD, spoke a lot about the statistics of prescrition drug use and adverse effects (not just side effects). The stats are absolutely alarming. Just a couple of examples: After 2 weeks of taking the Tylenol daily, 40% of patients had abnormal test results. And to think that most people think of Tylenol as being very safe. So safe that many give it to their babies!

Using the drug and surgical model for chronic problems causes 1 in 3 deaths - more than any disease alone!

The US spends more money on healthcare than any other country in the world. Yet we rank #37 in actual healthcare. Hmmm....

And to think that we have options that people are not using or are not aware of!

Doug Corrigan spoke of Ningxia Red - one of the most amazing products on the market. Been shown to lower cholesterol, neutralize the free radicals responsible for heart disease and other cellular damage, increases energy, yada, yada. What was amazing to me was that every 45.2 seconds someone in America dies from a heart attack. $12.9 billion is spent every year on Lipitor, yet for every point decrease in serum cholesterol, there was a 36% increase in the risk of death within 3 years. Yikes!

The American Heart Association and the New England Journal of Medicine said that free radicals in blood cause oxidized cholesterol which is what causes heart disease. Wouldn't it make sense to neutralize these free radicals??


Ok. Here's what you have been waiting for... NEW PRODUCTS!!!

Palo Santo essential oil - great anti-inflammatory

Omega Blue - balanced omega 3,6 fatty acid blend that releases in the small intestine for better absorption and no fishy taste

Longevity - new formula, strong anti-oxidant that also dissolves in the small intestine

Balance Complete - complete fiber supplement using multiple fiber sources plus complete enzymes. Helps control weight, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

Pure Protein Complete - for all you protein fanatics! Supports weight loss, curbs appetite, sustains energy, enhances enzyme activity, strengthens immunity, and builds lean muscle mass.

Digest + Cleanse - ideal for those suffering from bowel discomfort and occasional, minor digestive upsets. The combination of oils can help prevent occasional indigestion and abdominal pain.

Essential Beauty Serums - for dry skin, oily skin, and an acne formula

They have also come up with new cleansing programs that we will talk about at the October 18th meeting at the Huntington Hilton.

Have a great day everyone! We are off to todays break-out sessions.