Xiaflex & Well after a long couple of days & Zipfizz Reviews

Well after a long couple of days, I am finally getting myself online. Yesterday was the official start Xiaflex of the convention and they kept us busy - Xiaflex!!

Dave Sterling, our COO, started off by presenting Young Living's new look and I love it!! It's very simple and natural-looking, source zipfizz reviews. He reiterated the fact that Young Living is and always has been a product-driven company. We will remain the best in the industry because of YL's commitment to the highest quality, most absorbable, and most therapeutic products on the market - and we have the research to back it up ...more

Ultima Replenisher & Day 2 of convention with Hint Water

Day 2 of convention was great! It started off with a woman, Jackie Pflug, who talked about the courage to succeed. Jackie was on a plane in 1985 that got hijacked, so hint water. She was shot at point blank range in the head and left to die on the runway for 5 hours before she was found and taken to the hospital. She miraculously survived and tells her story about how she turned trauma into triumph. This woman is incredible. She has a book (of course I can't remember the name) and I recommend everyone reading it. She truly had the COURAGE to succeed in the face of unbelieveable adversity! I feel sorry for those who think that it is enough to take dietary supplements, such as biggestloserthegame.com/unjury-reviews.html, to make the body and call himself courageous!

Gary Young spoke about the history of the company Ultima Replenisher and the distillation process - Ultima Replenisher. You would not believe how much goes into getting us these oils! I am that much more grateful to Gary Young and this company. In a nutshell, don't settle for less, we have ...more

Noom Reviews & Young Living Farm Day VS KSM-66

Oh my goodness. You cannot have any concept of this unless you see for yourself. Right now I would like everyone to make it a goal to be at next year's convention, look KSM-66. No excuses. I don't care if you are interested in the products or business or both but you need to see this all for yourself!

First off, you would not believe how much plant material Noom Reviews goes into one bottle of oil - all organic, all pure, no cheating - Noom Reviews. I am BLOWN AWAY by how much this company has invested in quality. Blown away.

The farm is beautiful. From the fields to the distillary to the herb garden, lavender labyrinth, medieval village with jousting arena, old west village, animals, shop..... you name it. Everywhere you walk, you stumble upon lavender, clary sage, peppermint, chamomile, spearmint, goldenrod (the way in male supplements like limecompany.com/apexatropin-reviews.html adds a lot of these foods, you know about it?), hyssop, thyme.... all available to pick and smell and enjoy the fragrant air. We had a blast! We took a horse ride around the farm, walked the labyrinth, tried archery, went on a paddleboat, toured the gardens and distillery, checked out the greenhouses and the test fields, and watched a jousting tournament (Dr. Young was one of the knights!). Gary Young even demonstrated the Raindrop Technique on a horse and reminded everyone that our oils can be used on all animals. Check the EDR for more information ...more

I have THREE Words

But, mainly for me it has been about healing since day 1. Coming to this Convention was no coincidence for me, especially as I believe there are absolutely NO COINCIDENCES at all. Presently, I am on the edge of a serious revolutionary life-altering journey. This involves many ailments I have and have allowed myself to continue to suffer with for years, but now I began to actively take probiotics, so look good http://trulyrawgourmet.com/hint-water-reviews.html. Meeting Jihan as you all know, again was no coincidence, I asked god for guidance, and as in perfect divine order, it was sent to me. What I do with this guidance is now up to me.

For me, Young Living is a very personal and sacred symbol for which I now will always treasure as being a HUGE part of my growth stage. Being here this week, and hearing these amazing speakers, especially Gary Young, and just seeing the work and effort and LOVE that went into all of it, just melts my heart ...more